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Reflecting God’s Love @Work

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55% of your waking hours are at work.


Is your life at work fulfilling?
Are you excited to go to work today?


God created you for an abundant and fulfilling life at work!

(That was not a typo – yes, at work!)


An abundant life only occurs when you are doing what you are designed to do in the majority part of life… work!  Those who know Jesus are designed to “Reflect God’s Love @ Work”.  


Is this big?  YES, it is HUGE!!!

Focus on the largest companies first, and then all 1.2 billion Christians working – changing this world with God’s love… from where we spend most of our life, in the marketplace, at work!


Launchings soon, we are in the “prayer and strategy” stage, watch the video!  (20min)

Join the Movement!

Life is made to be lived together.  Join this global movement to be your authentic self at work!  Helping our companies, our peers and living an abundant life! 


For those who are part of this – it is fulfilling and truly makes working more than just getting a paycheck.  Have Purpose, Adventure and deep Teamwork – at work, 55% of your life!  You were made for this.  Link

Companies Involved

Intel, American Express, American Airlines, Google, Ford… and hundreds more all have formal Christian groups, and many more like Amazon, Exxon-Mobile and others have informal ones.  Link

If you don’t see your company listed, and you have a Christian group – contact us.  

Support Organizations

There are hundreds of Christian marketplace support organizations – they exist for you!  Contact them here link.

If you are part of a group, or know of a group that works with Christians at work and it isn’t listed – contact us!  

Example: Christian group at Intel Corporation

  • Amazing growth through prayer!  From 3 to 17 nations from 2019 to 2023, with over 4,000 Christians part of the Intel sponsored Employee Resource Group (IBCN: Intel Bible-based Christian Network)
  • Federal US Law allows companies doing business in the USA to legally establish these group.  Intel has had a Christian group since 1995, and is now a 120,000 employee company in 50 countries with ~$80 Billion in annual revenue. Any company can do this!
  • Intel has over 30 Employee Groups, and is proud to have 7 “faith/belief” groups – Atheist/Agnostic, Baha’i, Christian, Hindu, Jew, Muslim, Sikh.  From that winning a United Nations and ranked #1/#2 in the world for Religious Inclusion.  
  • Faith Employee groups increase profits.  Through better Recruiting, Retention and Returns.  It is smart for business, and a legal right in the USA and in many other nations.

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