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Explore the different resources below to assist with your faith-based employee group. 

The Federal EEOC department is responsible to ensure there is no discrimination at work. The commissioner Andrea Lucas speaks at the May 2022 Religious Freedom and Business Conference on how having Faith based Employee Groups is a best known method to ensure full corporate diversity. Full video of speech with text and Q&A here.

Panel with DELL, Intel, Texas Instruments,  Accenture, American Airlines. Panel from the Feb 2020 Religious Freedom and Business Foundation annual ERG conference in Washington DC. Link to Panel Video.

Panel on how to multiply Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in large companies. At RFBF conference in Washington DC, Feb 2020. American Express, Salesforce, Intel and Christian Employee Resource Group Organization. Link to video.

Video and Podcast done in 2020, walking through why having Faith Based groups in large companies add value. Link to video.

Talk with Dr. Michael Guillen, author of the book “Believing is Seeing” hosted by Christian Community at ExxonMobil and Faith and Work Movement. Link on Vimeo.

Gallup 2022 summary of how workers are doing, globally. It is eye opening! Opening sentences are:


81,396 hours.
That’s how much of life most of us spend working. The only thing we spend more time
doing is sleeping. If we spend so much of life at work, how is life at work going?


According to the world’s workers, not well. Gallup finds 60% of people are emotionally
detached at work and 19% are miserable. But is that a surprise, or a statistical explanation of the obvious?

The idea that “work sucks” is everywhere. It’s been the subject of ancient philosophers,
world leaders, your colleagues and even pop culture. Comedian George Carlin once
quipped, “Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that.
It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.”

Gallup – state-of-the-global-workplace-2022-download

This ERG Playbook is loaded with 33 pages of information on how to create your Employee Resource Group. Created by Markee Johnson and team through their Marketplace program called “Endeavor”, Celebration Church in Austin, Texas. Link

Lucas from GE puts these together periodically. They are excellent!



Vision and Strategy 

Summary vision video – tying together 2033 movements, Bible reading/study, and the Marketplace. (Aug 2023)

Business Model


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