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Heesung Koo
UX Product Strategist

Heesung brings a wealth of experience in the tech industry as a User Experience (UX) Designer and Product Development professional, offering creative and integrated solutions. Her academic journey began with undergraduate studies in Industrial Design at Ohio State University, where she pursued Major and Minor degrees in German, Communication, and Journalism in Seoul, Korea. Expanding her educational horizon, she obtained an MFA in Human-Centered Information Design at Ohio State University.


With 17 years of experience at Microsoft, she has held roles such as Technical Program Manager, UX Program Manager, and UX and Product Designer. Throughout her career, she has evolved into a collaborative problem-solver, deeply passionate about ensuring the success of every product. Transitioning from UX design to Technical Program Management at Microsoft, she has made significant contributions to diverse projects spanning enterprise products to the gaming industry.


Heesung’s unique background positions her to make a meaningful impact across various industries, diverse users, and cultures. It has not only fortified her technical expertise but also deepened her understanding of the socio-cultural implications of interactive products and media. Her enriched perspective and commitment to inclusiveness extend beyond academic and professional realms, shaped by experiences in three different countries, varied studies, and diverse projects and teams spanning enterprise to the game industry. These encounters fuel Heesung’s dedication to crafting products that go beyond mere entertainment, serving as powerful tools to shape a more inclusive and understanding society.


From 2003 to 2017, she worked in the Korean Reformed denomination, preaching the Gospel to youth, college students, and young adults. She evangelized and led Bible studies at seven different colleges in Seattle.

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