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Courageous Third Team Feature

Craig Carter
Founder & CEO, Courageous Third

Craig retired from Intel Corporation after 25 years to focus on the marketplace area. He served as the Intel Corporate Financial Systems Controller, and a Product Manager for $2B line of products and other roles… He has a Masters in International Business from Thunderbird. Craig’s passion for Christ at work led him to serve as the global leader of the Intel Christian Employee Resource Group (ERG), expanding it from 3 to 18 countries with 4k members. He started the Intel Cross-Faith ERG with 7 Faith ERGs – Atheist, Bahai, Christian, Hindu, Jew, Muslim, Sikh. This resulted in Intel winning the Gold Metal United Nations award for Religious Inclusion, with Intel ranked #1 in the world in this area.


The Courageous Third vision was created after a year of prayer which culminated in the summer of 2021.  The vision has been bathed in prayer since then, and the specific high-level strategy was architected jointly with many people during the summer of 2023.


His expansive network includes many Fortune 100 Corporate Christian leaders. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences and has been featured on the radio and podcasts. Craig is also a leader in the Global 2033 movement seeking for all to have the ability to know the love of God by the year 2033.


Craig resides in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, with his wife of nearly 30 years and two sons. He is an avid hiker and speaks fluent Portuguese.


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