Interview with Dave Burrowes, Intel Christian Employee Group

by Courageous Third Communications

April 19, 2024


The Intel Bible-Based Christian Network (IBCN) is Intel’s 4th largest Employee Resource Group (ERG) with 3,700 members globally. Courageous Third recently interviewed Dave Burrowes, IBCN’s Global Communications Manager, to learn more about the Christian employee group that has become a role model to other faith-based ERGs across the industry. 


Dave has been with Intel for over 22 years – nine years in Oregon, and the last 13 years in Arizona. He works with the Project Management and Operational Excellence Team responsible for driving quality processes throughout Intel’s design environment. His background includes Program Management, Data Management, Business Intelligence, Process Improvement, and Marketing/Sales. Outside of work, Dave spends time with his family and board gaming with friends. His greatest joy is serving the Lord by serving others. This includes working with young adults, small group Bible studies, and supporting Intel’s Bible-Based Christian Network through global communications.

Dave Burrowes and his family during Easter.

Tell us a little bit about IBCN and how it is structured.

IBCN is structured in line with Intel’s faith-based ERG’s. This includes a global leadership board that serves in various roles as liaisons between the members and the company, as well as a strong local presence on each site that we can support. The local support is the backbone of IBCN in that is best suited to meet the needs of our members at a personal and spiritual level. The majority of IBCN members are in the United States, however we have global representation on 6 of the 7 continents…sorry Antartica!

What role does IBCN play for both members and within the ERGs of Intel?

IBCN is a global group of believers (and seekers) who are striving to learn more about Christ and how the Bible is the source of understanding our place in His creation. We emphasize bringing your whole self to work which includes valuing the word of God as the foundation of why we strive to serve and love our brothers, sisters, and Intel at large. We are seen as an active community that provides charity and awareness of acting out Biblical living. This includes being leaders in Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday celebration, Easter, member development, and multiple local community outreaches.

How has IBCN had a positive impact on the culture of Intel, its policies or its externally facing support/advocacy?

IBCN has been able to have inward and outward facing impacts. Inward facing, we have been able to provide regular prayer and devotional meetings, piloted a Chaplaincy program for our manufacturing site in Arizona, and provided tools (RightNow Media) and member development opportunities that are Biblically based.


Outward facing, we are engaged with charity events and sponsorship for groups like Food for the Hungry. Additionally, we have been consistently rated in the top 1 or 2 companies for religious freedom. Finally, we are often engaged with other tech company’s Christian leadership for cross-company events that bring awareness and encouragement to a much larger audience.

What approach does IBCN use to add value to its members?

IBCN has created four basic pillars to simplify our approach in reaching our members:


Grow: Maturing growth in faith and love. We focus on ensuring each Intel site has local IBCN representation and leadership.


Be Real: Bringing our whole self to work. This allows us to be bold in our faith.


Provide Hope: Comfort and care for fellow employees. We strive to serve our community’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.


Engage Externally: Valuing Faith in business. We reach out to others who are seeking to bring Biblical truth to their companies. Both to encourage and align our efforts to grow God’s kingdom.


These pillars provide a simple, yet effective way to keep our focus on serving the Lord.

How did you become a leader in IBCN and in what ways has the experience enriched your life both professionally and personally?

My journey began when I attended a local Bible study in Arizona. From there, over a couple of years, I was asked to help lead a study and then engage with the leadership as the Comms person. The one thing that I am most blessed by in working with IBCN is that I have the unique opportunity to meet with God’s people across the globe. Whether hearing about the persecuted church, miraculous answers to prayer, or just praying with others in a multitude of foreign languages… I can’t imagine another place where I can see what fellowship in heaven will really be like.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to start a Christian ERG in their own company?

My personal advice for someone seeking to start an ERG would be to pray and put your focus on the important things only. One thing I have seen is that when we put our focus on the Bible, the denominational differences fade away. The lesson I have learned is that my comfort doesn’t equate to Biblical truth. So, when we focus on the posture of the heart more than the posture of the body, we can see how God is meeting people in the ways that He can love them best. Some are emotional, He can meet you emotionally, some are studious, He can blow you away with His depth… regardless of how He made you God is able to reach you and show you the value of His only son Jesus Christ.

Intel Hosted Prayer Meeting Every Monday

IBCN hosts a 30-minute virtual prayer meeting every Monday (alternating start times of 8:30am and 9am).  Join us, along with colleagues from Microsoft as we lift praise and prayers to the Lord. Visit the Courageous Third Prayer page for the Teams link.


Dave also hosts our Courageous Third Prayer meeting at 5pm Pacific on Mondays. Go to the Courageous Third Prayer page to register. 


Special Event with IBCN Leaders Planned for Q2 

Stay tuned for a special web event with IBCN Leaders later this quarter. An email will be sent to announce the details. 

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