Courageous Third

Reflecting God’s Love @Work


Uniting God's childen in the Marketplace

Note: Yes – this is a very “full” web page! It is for key core members only to get a full look at the vision and strategy.  Thanks! The C3 Team

LinkedIn-like globally secure platform for Business Professionals desiring to follow the teachings of Jesus

  • Input: 100+ people from 50 large Fortune 100 companies Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, Exxon, Coke… and 50+ Christian Marketplace groups. 
  • The Challenge: 55% of life is at work, yet most Jesus followers do not actively bring Christ to work – not seeing it as their calling or know how to do it.  This results in lives not lived to their fullest, and a world not being transformed.
  • Vision:   Unite God’s children in the Marketplace.
    By connecting and equipping a global marketplace community of Jesus followers to be Courageous while realizing their place is Third – they will “Reflect God’s Love @Work”.  This transforms people, companies and nations.  Jesus followers will live an ABUNDANT life at work as this occurs.  
  • Strategy:  Create a “LinkedIn-like globally secure platform for Business Professionals desiring to follow the teaching of Jesus“.

    Leveraging AI to help them grow personally, connect to beneficial ministries and to causes they can passionately engage with. 

  • Results:
    For You:
    A Full Abundant Life! Purpose, Adventure and Teamwork 
    For the World: Touching 1 billion Jesus followers in the global marketplace that have internet access, starting with the largest corporations in the world – transforming people, companies and nations, as we “Reflect God’s Love @ Work”.  So that by the year 2033 all in the world will hear of God’s love.

  • Focus Area: The initial focus is on helping large company Christian Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), but then expanding to all those at work.  Then including all marketplace ministry, support groups and relevant interest ministries (helping the poor, etc).

  • Craig who?: Part of this amazing team effort!  Craig was at Intel 25yrs, blessed volunteering with the Intel Christian Group in 18 nations, started the Intel Cross-Faith Group (ranked #1 in world), God miraculously connecting to those of similar passion to work in this area.  LinkedIn

  • Now What?  After much prayer and global prayer meetings organized, the start-up team is ready, and now moving to talking to donors about their desire to change the world through the marketplace.
  • Key Dates and Goals: 
    1) In 2024 have 10+ large Christian Employee Groups using the platform (like Intel, American Express, American Airlines, GE, Amazon, etc). 
    2) Sept 2024 intercept and roll out the connection platform for the Lausanne conference in South Korea.  This would immediately get 15k to 50k Christian leaders using the platform and putting in their ministry information.  Discussions with Lausanne ongoing.
  • Videos:  All done in one take at home office. 🙂

Full Strategy Deck

Video providing an overview of the vision, strategy, and many stories on the impact of people being “Courageous Third: Reflecting God’s Love @ Work”

Business Model Canvas

Video that goes into more depth on the strategy – showing the Business Model using the Business Model Canvas Methodology